Destination Guides

From the Adriatic Coast to the Red Sea, discover the extraordinary destinations of the Mediterranean like never before with Emerald Yacht Cruises

Intimate experiences in exotic destinations – that’s what makes an Emerald Yacht Cruises itinerary so special. Our luxury yacht, the Emerald Azzurra, has been carefully designed to offer access to small ports and harbours other ships can’t reach, bringing you the very best that the Mediterranean has to offer.

Changing the way you cruise, our destination-focused itineraries provide more time onshore than other cruise lines – helping you see more of the things you love. Whether you’ve longed to climb the slopes and sip the wine of Santorini, savour fresh seafood in the Balearics, or experience ‘la dolce vita’ on the Amalfi Coast, our luxury Mediterranean cruise holidays help you discover more in a single, uninterrupted journey.

We want you to make the most of your time in every destination as part of an Emerald Yacht Cruises itinerary. That’s why we’ve put together a collection of in-depth destination guides for the various places you can visit throughout the Mediterranean – from Dalmatia to Athens, and everywhere in between.

With a focus on history, culture and local cuisine, our guides provide travel inspiration ahead of your trip, helping you to enjoy each destination to its fullest. Whether you’re a history buff, sun-seeker or passionate foodie, we offer insights into different aspects of local life, so you can immerse more deeply in the wonders of the Mediterranean.

Take a look at our complete collection of Mediterranean destination guides below.

Destination Guides