Explore and discover on board Emerald Azzurra

Our collection of insightful itineraries will take you on a spectacular journey along historic coastlines and crystalline waters as we uncover the best of the Western Mediterranean, the Adriatic Coast, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

Covering the continents of Europe and Africa, the Western Mediterranean promises alluring culture, rich history and mouth-watering cuisine. From the French Riviera, to the southern Italian coast, the Island of Sicily, to the impeccable beaches of Spain. The waters of the Adriatic Sea provide access to some of Europe’s most exciting ports. Separating the Italian and Balkan peninsulas, it contains 1,300 islands belonging to Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, Montenegro and Slovenia.

One of humanity’s most important crossroads, and now a route offering such variety of ports, the Eastern Mediterranean is a route paved with historic monuments and paradise-like island groups, where the past is celebrated in the present. A global 200 ecoregion, the Red Sea is an inlet of the Indian Ocean, located between Africa and Asia. Having played a crucial navigational role since ancient times, its coastline is now a popular tourist attraction where nature and archaeological monuments feature in abundance.

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Explore our collection of fascinating itineraries, taking in the Adriatic Coast, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, and enjoy the freedom to explore the wonderful ports and harbours, only small yachts can reach.